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The Rainforest Lodge at Sleeping Giant
-Cayo, Belize

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The Rainforest Lodge at Sleeping Giant

Nestled within the serene embrace of the Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge in Belize, this exquisite haven is designed for those seeking an exclusive and peaceful escape. Positioned as the ultimate gateway to uncover the natural wonders and breathtaking beauty of the Belizean rainforest, the lodge is surrounded by lush greenery and the serene sounds of nature. The Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge offers luxurious cabins that embody the rustic charm of rainforest living. Here the guests can relish a personalized and intimate rainforest experience, ensuring an unforgettable and secluded stay for every nature enthusiast


As a luxury Rainforest Lodge, I  wanted to expand the public knowledge of the aspects of the resort that would appeal to thier ideal demographic and were not currently represented throughout the content they currently had. The objectives for this job were the following.

1. Create aerial content that embraced the island beachfront bungalow experience, and how it would feel.

 2. Create a series of short form video content for social media that showcased how it felt to stay at a rainforest resort.
3. Create new assets and content for social media purposes, as well as website and digital ads.


In our time at the resort, we successfully captured images of the beautiful jungle resort views, as well as lifestyle content throughout the resort that is still featured on the resort’s website and social. 

Advertisement & Promotional Video



Short form Social Media Reels

Aerial Content and Photography

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